About Us

We opened our doors for business in January 1999, providing water treatment technical services and high preference chemicals. As a Distributor of the chemicals from world’s Leading Specialty Chemical Manufacturer/Supplier we have grown to be one of the largest reliable technical services providers & seller of water treatment chemicals,  purification chemicals and Feed & Control equipment across the country.

Our Principal/Suppliers aim is to give best services to our customer, the best quality products and the best technical back-up in the water treatment industry. We bring solutions with the latest and developed market technologies that promote energy efficiency, lower harmful emissions and help customers solve their problems according to the water treatment sector demands.

At the core of our Principal/Suppliers water treatment program is technologically advanced specialty chemicals and equipment that ensure your water and energy use is efficient, your system reliability is maximized and you capital assets are not compromised. To ensure optimum chemical feed without interruption under constantly changing conditions, our Principal/Supplier automated monitoring systems; controllers and data management software are recommended to ensure trouble-free operation.

Team work concept, knowledge shearing and openness to development are main pillars of PURETECH INTERNATIONAL business concept. It is our objective to provide our customer the most logical and sustainable solutions in their effects to provide the best quality water treatment products for industry.

We have been proudly Supplying top quality water treatment Products and providing best technical services with Qualified Chemist and Technicians. Our aim is to give our customer the highest level of services, the best technical back-up in industry. PURETECH INTERNATIONAL offers a number of services to protect your site, some of the best technical services that our trained and Qualified chemists and technicians.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first-choice water chemical treatment company for chemical programs, equipment, solutions, and consulting services; and to become the leading authority on cutting edge products, systems and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in the field of water treatment industry by providing a complete range of high performance water treatment technical services & branded Products. As water is a cost, plant profitability is influenced by strong sound water management practices. We increase your profitability by reducing operating and modest repairs cost through effective influent, cooling, boiler, and wastewater system treatment. All treatments are executed in a safe and environmentally compliant manner. We provide customer satisfaction by guaranteeing results that meet and exceed client expectations of high-quality services and products. PURETECH INTERNATIONAL, aims to support its clients with the highest quality service delivered by highly experienced and professional engineers.

Our Focus is to Identify and Promote Cutting Edge Technologies

In addition to customer support as our first priority, our strategy is to search for new innovative concepts, methods and systems that we believe have an edge over the existing traditional technologies in the area of process and water treatment equipment and chemicals. These superior state-of-the-art systems provide multifaceted benefits for both the client and the environment.